LABIE-KOKI-konstrue-playhouse for children

Inner child with grown up abilities.

We wanted to give our children and society the best experiences of our own childhoods. Utopia about Winnie the Pooh, Peppi Longstocking and others well known fairy tale heroes. Something real. Something made out of non artificial and high quality materials. Things that stimulate imagination and creativity. Something that responds when you touch it. To establish nature and life values from the beginning. 



Passion for work and high quality materials.

Good material always has bin sustainable value. Especially if it is turned into a useful object. Good material is pinewood. Oak is perfect. From our point of view material should be beautiful when you build something. But any material is unstable against one of strongest cosmic force - time. Materials that we use are specially chosen with a reason. While getting old they sustain moss, lichens, grass and other nature residents. One of our goal is to make material degradation beautiful. Things which lives their life in harmony with time and its surroundings. We hope that things we made will get better and more beautiful with time - the same as old and loved guitar.